Root Canal Treatment – Honolulu, HI

Getting to the Root of the Problem & Eliminating It

Models of damaged teeth needing root canal treatment in Honolulu

Do you experience extreme tooth pain? If so, it may be that you’ve suffered dental damage or have an infection inside the tooth that has reached the pulp. When this happens, root canal treatment must be performed to keep the infection from spreading any further and reaching the root. Our team at Dentaworks Hawaii will work quickly to address the problem in the most comfortable and efficient way so that you can enjoy a healthier, pain-free smile. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for root canal treatment in Honolulu.

Why Choose Dentaworks Hawaii for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Progressive Dental Technology for Lasting Results
  • Dentists with Years of Experience Who Care About Patients
  • Financing Available for Uninsured Patients

How Does a Root Canal Work?

Illustrated dental instrument performing root canal treatment

When a root canal is performed, our team will begin by administering local anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout the process. We’ll then isolate the tooth by placing a dental dam. After making an opening in the crown of the tooth, we will begin to clear out the infected areas and pulp before cleaning out the nearby canals.

Once we finish this process, we will fill the tooth with a substance known as gutta-percha. The tooth will then be sealed and ready for a customized dental crown, which will be created for added protection. Once put into place, your tooth will regain functionality and strength over time.