Dedicated Dentist – Honolulu, HI

Get to Know Dr. Kristi Koyanagi

Dr. Koyanagi loves being able to restore both a patient’s smile and ability to chew. It instantly has an impact on their mental and physical health, and it means so much to her because she always builds a strong relationship with everyone that she treats. She can’t wait to welcome you into our Honolulu dental practice, and below, you can learn a little more about her background.

Honolulu Hawaii dentist Doctor Kristi Koyanagi smiling

Why Did You Decide to Become a Dentist?

Doctor Koyanagi in her dental school graduation gown placing her cap on her dog

Dr. Koyanagi always wanted to work in the health field, so she started volunteering and shadowing in hospitals and dental offices while in high school. She began to lean toward dentistry when she saw firsthand how her grandma’s dentist was able to help her. Her grandma didn’t have many natural teeth, but she didn’t want dentures, and the dentist was able to work with her and create something that allowed her to function and maintain her teeth. Dr. Koyanagi thought this was absolutely amazing! She eventually became a dental assistant, and this solidified that she was passionate about becoming a dentist.

Where Did You Study Dentistry?

Exterior of football stadium at the University of Kansas City

Dr. Koyanagi attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa before going on to earn her dental degree at the University of Kansas City. Since then, she has obtained a Mastership in Biomimetics from the Alleman Center, become Invisalign certified, and taken over 100 hours of continuing education focused on oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, oral pathology, and periodontics. She has also completed several courses through Spear Education.

Today, Dr. Koyanagi is an active member of several professional organizations:

Academy of General Dentistry logo Hawaii Dental Association logo American Dental Association logo American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry logo Kois Center Advancing Dentistry Through Science

Outside of the Dental Office, What Do You Like to Do?

Doctor Koyanagi sitting on top of small mountain with her dog

Dr. Koyanagi is originally from Honolulu, and she currently lives at home with her father and dog. She is a certified yoga instructor and started ballet and contemporary dance when she was five, so staying active is very important to her. When she isn’t out surfing, dancing, or hiking, she likes to travel and do craft projects such as ceramics, resin art, painting, and sewing.