Emergency Dentist – Honolulu, HI

We’re Here When You Need Us

Man holding his cheek in pain before emergency dentistry in Honolulu

At Dentaworks Hawaii, our team is equipped to provide immediate care to those experiencing dental emergencies. No matter the problem, we want to get you out of pain quickly and restore your smile to its natural beauty. From chipped and broken teeth to lost dental crowns, knocked-out teeth, and broken dentures, we’re here when you need us, so don’t be afraid to call our office to schedule an appointment with our emergency dentists in Honolulu.

Why Choose Dentaworks Hawaii for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Calming and Compassionate Dental Team
  • Progressive Technology for Greater Comfort & Accuracy
  • High-Quality Restorations That Look Natural

How We Treat Dental Emergencies

Honolulu emergency dentist giving a patient a dental exam
  • Call to schedule an appointment: The first step you need to take is to call our dental office to alert us of your situation. We’ll work to schedule an appointment as well as offer ways to minimize any pain you might be experiencing.
  • Undergo thorough examination: Our team will take diagnostic images as well as perform a thorough visual exam to determine the underlying root of the problem.
  • Review our findings: After compiling our findings, we will create a personalized treatment plan designed to get your smile back on track.
  • Deliver timely care: Our team wants to help you out of pain, so we will work quickly to help you find relief while also repairing and rebuilding your smile.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Unsure if what you’re experiencing is a dental emergency? Always feel free to call our office and let us know; however, you can also review the list below to find out what we treat and how we plan to address it.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Emergencies

Dental team member showing a tablet to a patient

Your dental emergency is unique. Even if you and another person suffer from chipped teeth, there is a good chance that both of you will not pay the same price. Various factors must be considered, which is why an initial appointment is important. Once we have all the information, we can work with you to identify ways to help you save so that your restorative care doesn’t require you to pay high out-of-pocket costs.

Keys to Preventing Dental Emergencies

Man brushing his teeth next to his young daughter

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your chances of visiting the emergency dentist’s office, here are a few helpful tips to consider:

  • Eat healthy foods and limit your sugar and starch intake
  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Keep your six-month dental checkups and cleanings
  • Wear a mouthguard while playing sports or if you suffer from teeth grinding
  • Give up bad habits like smoking and/or biting your fingernails

Dental Emergency FAQs

Can I pop a dental abscess on my own?

Remember, dental abscesses are often due to a serious infection. As a result, attempting to pop it (or actually popping it) can lead to several consequences, including bacteria spreading to your neck and throat. The best thing to do if you notice a pimple-like bump or blister on your gums is to call our Honolulu dental team ASAP.

Will my toothache go away on its own?

It is possible for the pain to subside with time. However, this isn’t the good news you may initially think it is. This change in symptoms is usually the result of the infection “killing” the tooth, making it impossible to register pain. At this point, the infection can spread to your surrounding teeth and gums, wreaking havoc on the look, health, and function of your smile. That’s why the best thing to do is schedule an exam with our emergency dentist when the symptoms first arise.

Should I visit the emergency room first for dental emergencies?

Since emergency rooms don’t typically have dentists on-staff, you should head there for toothaches, dental sensitivity, and similar dental injuries. Of course, it’s a different story if you’re experiencing any potentially life-threatening symptoms. If you’re having trouble breathing, your face is extremely swollen, you can’t seem to swallow, or your jaw is fractured, then you should absolutely go to the hospital or call 911 right away.

What does throbbing tooth pain mean?

Throbbing tooth pain could be the result of everything from a small crack to a significant infection. In other words, throbbing tooth pain warrants an immediate call to our Honolulu dental office. Until your appointment, do what you can to alleviate your discomfort, like sticking to lukewarm water, avoiding crunchy foods, and taking OTC pain medication as directed.

My chipped tooth doesn’t hurt. Do I still need to visit?

Even if your chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, we recommend giving us a call to explain what happened and schedule an appointment before the end of the week. We also recommend keeping a close eye on your symptoms and avoiding anything that could cause it to break further, like eating crunchy foods.

Can superglue be used to repair broken dentures?

Although superglue is an effective adhesive, it contains toxins that are not safe to ingest. So, you definitely shouldn’t use it (or any other household products) to try and repair your restoration. Instead, call us ASAP so we can repair or replace it.