Dentaworks Hawaii understands that so many health issues can stem from oral health concerns. One of the major problems that clients have that they don’t realize comes from the mouth is sleep apnea. At its heart, this problem stems from a lack of proper airflow reaching your esophagus. Though many things can cause this, jaw alignment and other oral health issues can be the main source of this issue.

Too many people live with this problem and never search for a solution because they don’t know one exists. Here at Dentaworks Hawaii, we do what we can to educate our clients on the many new technologies and possibilities that exist so that they have the opportunity to rid themselves of this stressful and dangerous situation.

Learn more about how our Honolulu-based team can help you resolve sleep and airway concerns below.

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Take control of your sleep with the help of our team

If you have trouble breathing properly, you may simply snore loudly. But for others, this breathing issue is more severe and results in a need for sleep apnea machines that keep your body supplied with air while you are asleep. Luckily, dental experts can resolve these concerns for you. When you come into our office, we can examine your mouth and diagnose the extent of the problem. In many cases, we can fit you for a custom-made oral appliance that you can wear at night. Most patients find this much easier to adjust to than a CPAP machine and it is also much more cost-effective and portable.

If you are having any troubles with excessive snoring or breathing interruptions while you sleep, reach out to us today for an appointment. A better future awaits!